Authentic Mining Experience

Imagine descending into the subterranean bowels of a coal mine where you bolt the roof together. The only light available is from your and your fellow trainees mining lamps. Through the cooperation of the Technology and Theatre Departments, this is the real life training Vincennes University will be providing in the next 4-6 weeks for its Mining students. Art Haase, dean of the VU Technology Division is the driving force behind this "real life" simulation.

VU will soon provide training in 4 sophisticated simulators; an end dump, end loader, roof bolter and underground haulage unit or shuttle car. The idea is to provide realistic simulation of working underground. Theatre students are putting the finishing touches on the mine inside of a new 20 foot facility on the Vincennes University campus. All that is needed is the delivery of the simulators.
Vincennes University is Indiana's designated recipient of the state grant issued by the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA). This grant is supporting the training and retraining of miners as required by MSHA regulations. VU began statewide training (over 6,500 miners yearly) in October, 2005 for miners in the coal, metal, and non-metal (including sand, gravel, and all other aggregates) industries.

VU provides the first 40 hours of required training for new underground mine employees and 24 hours of required training for new surface mine employees. Training consists of both traditional instruction on campus and on-site sessions.

Training Options Include:

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