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Government & Services

Knox County government is a constitutional body, and is granted specific powers by the Constitution of Indiana, and by the Indiana Code.

County Council: The county council is the legislative branch of the county government and controls all the spending and revenue collection in the county. The council members serve four year terms. They are responsible for setting salaries, the annual budget, and special spending. They also have limited authority to impose local taxes, in the form of income and property tax subject to state level approval, excise taxes, and service taxes.

For a specific government offices, click under the Departments Link here.

Board of Commissioners: The executive body of the county is a board of commissioners. Commissioners are elected county-wide, in staggered terms each serving a four year term. Commissioners are charged with executing the acts legislated by the council, the collection of revenue, and managing the day-to-day functions of the county government.

Courts: The county maintains a small claims court that can handle some civil cases. The judge on the court is elected to a term of four years and must be a member of the Indiana Bar Association. The judge is assisted by a constable who is also elected to terms of four years.

County Officials: Knox County has several other elected offices, including sheriff, coroner, auditor, treasurer, recorder, surveyor, and circuit court clerk. Each of these elected officers serve four year terms and oversee different parts of county government.

  • City of Vincennes Administration
    • Mayor and seven-member council
    • Four-year terms
    • Third class city.
  • Vincennes Planning and Zoning
    • City and Council Master Plan,
    • Board of Zoning Appeals
    • Area Planning Commission.
  • Law Enforcement
  • Fire Protection
    • The Vincennes Fire Department
      • 40 full time professional fire fighters, these include:
          • Chief
          • Three assistant chiefs
          • 36 first-class freemen
          • + 13 volunteer fire departments throughout the county
      • 4 fire stations
      • Advanced Emergency Medical Technicians
      • (2) Bicycle Patrol with complete EMS capabilities
      • Fire Inspector
      • Fire Investigators
      • Provides training for schools and law enforcement
      • ISO Ready level 4 (soon to qualify for level 3)
    • The Vincennes Township Fire Department
        • 9 full time professional fire fighters
        • 50 volunteers
        • 4 locations
        • Medical Response
        • Hazmat Team
        • Mutual Aid Agreement with area fire services for additional assistance
  • Waste Removal
    • Weekly municipal service
    • Four local haulers available.
  • Sewage
    • 4.56 MGD disposal plant.
  • Water
    • 8 MGD maximum treatment capacity.